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Kumo Magazine

In this magazine you will find stories about lifestyle and travel. Together with Christof Geramb the project startet in August 2019 and the first issue will be released in the summer of 2021. The magazine introduces designers, artists and extraordinary personalities in relation to their environment. The aim of the magazine is to provide personal stories about freedom and adventures.

The first issue is dedicated to the Brittany. It is a wonderfull place to experiance total freedom and just relax while feeling the power of nature. We travel a lot and visited around 15 cities in the last year, but this place was the most impressive even compared to huge places like paris, berlin or vienna.

Because we are both passionate photographers and designers, it is a very unique and important oportunity for us to publish a magazine. Just for the first issue we took around 1400 pictures and very clean sites provide that you can really get into the feeling of the destination.